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Trouble getting Alfresco Mobile for iOS to work with MobileIron AppConnect

Question asked by mawo on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by mawo
Hi there!

According to [1], Alfresco is a MobileIron AppConnect partner, but the iOS app from Apple's AppStore just won't integrate with our MobileIron MDM.

(available for iOS7 and Android)

I installed Alfresco Mobile as a "Managed App", this worked fine according to the MDM.

Unfortunately, I can't get the iOS app to connect over an AppTunnel, and I didn't find any description of possible configuration values to set via AppConfig. I searched for AppConnect all over this forum, the source code repos of API and App on Github and the issues in Alfresco's Jira, but got 0 results everywhere. It seems to be impossible to get any qualified information (besides hundreds of press announcements).

So, how do I get this working?