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AddNode, Access is denied RM-2.1.a

Question asked by sammasue on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by sammasue

I am facing a problem with Alfresco Community 4.2.e and Records Management 2.1.a this is why I am asking you for some help and to know if someone already faced it.

The use case is the following:
As admin I have uploaded a document in my RM site. Then I would like to add this record to another folder (on another site for example). It is clearer with a sample of code. 
var myrecord = search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/xxxxxxxxx");
var folder = search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/xxxxxxxxxxx");

However I get this exception. Hereunder some lines from the stacktrace.

Caused by: net.sf.acegisecurity.providers.ProviderNotFoundException: No authentication provider for net.sf.acegisecurity.providers.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken
   at net.sf.acegisecurity.providers.ProviderManager.doAuthentication(
   at net.sf.acegisecurity.AbstractAuthenticationManager.authenticate(
   at net.sf.acegisecurity.intercept.AbstractSecurityInterceptor.beforeInvocation(

I know the contrary is possible because when we "declare as record" a document from DM it is what it does (creates multiple paths). But I don't understand why I get this authentication exception for that case since I am connecting as admin and I have all the rigths.

If someone as a idea, it will be really great.

Thanks in advance.