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408 timeouts from formsservice

Question asked by rjohnson on Sep 9, 2014
Today we had a problem with Alfresco when it was trying to update the metadata on a document, we got an error message "Failure could not update details" when trying to save an edit form.

If you looked in the share log you could see that it was getting a 408 timeout error on a call to the formsservice. This has happened twice previously over 2 months and usually admin can update document metadata but other users cannot. It happened 2 or 3 times today and the last time we had to restart the server to get rid of it (usually restarting tomcat will do).

This all suggests that the issue is something to do with checking permissions which the formsservice does not do for admin but does for others. It suggests that the permissions checking service is hanging up.

The logs are not immediately helpful because it did not (obvoiusly) show an error before the 408 timeouts stared.

Has anyone had any experience of this, or can anyone suggest what to look for or where the formaservice might be hanging up?