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upgrade an Alfresco running without contentStore ?

Question asked by nancygaillard on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by nancygaillard

I have an Alfresco 4.2.c. It Often has problems as :
-> Tomcat is running, but Alfresco Share and Explorer can't be launched (as if the navigator was waiting a server answer)
-> Alfresco Share and Explorer is lauched, but it is impossible to add or edit a file

I have seen that My alf_data had only three repertories :
- keystore
- postgresql
- solr

I think my problem begun here…
But, can I restore or upgrade my Alfresco with the missing repertories?
How can I do that? Perhaps Alfresco can Rebuild them? (is would be wonderfull xD)

My problem is really a big problem???

Thx for future answers.