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Store with a slash

Question asked by spilby on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by spilby

I need to store documents on Alfresco with a slash on the title and name.

I know that Alfresco not allow special characters like "/". The first that I thank is to escape this character and replace the "/" to "& # x 2 f ;" when I upload the document. When I see the content with the navigator on a portlet that talks throw the Alfresco Api I can see all ok, with the "/". But when I search with Lucene don't find the result. I supose that I need to escape the lucene search too.

Anyway… I need to escape everywhere the "/" with the "& # 2 f ;"? And unescape when I obtain the node properties. Or there are a way to save properties with a "/" without escaping it? The ideal is that Alfresco stores the "/" without escaping.

Thanks a lot!