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How to do runas admin in webscript

Question asked by cperez on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2014 by kaynezhang
I try to run my webscript as admin permissions like is described in, but my alfresco version is 3.0 Labs and I can't do that.

My web script run a script placed in "Data Dictionary/Scripts" that remove one file where the user haven't got the 'remove' permission.

My "doAct.get.desc.xml" is:

If I refresh my webscript I get the next error message:

Alfresco Web Scripts Maintenance

Maintenance Completed
Reset Web Scripts Registry; registered 284 Web Scripts. Previously, there were 285.
Warning: found 1 broken Web Scripts. Previously, there were 0.

Broken Web Scripts
Failed to parse web script description document doAct/doAct.get.desc.xml ; runas user declared for script in insecure store (workspace://SpacesStore/app:company_home/app:dictionary/cm:extensionwebscripts/doAct/doAct.get.desc.xml)

List Web Scripts

And If I run the web script I get the next error:

Web Script Status 404 - Not Found

The Web Script /alfresco/service/doAct has responded with a status of 404 - Not Found.

404 Description:   Requested resource is not available.

Message:   Script url /doAct does not map to a Web Script.
Exception:   org.alfresco.web.scripts.WebScriptException - Script url /doAct does not map to a Web Script.
Server:   Alfresco Labs v3.0.0 (Stable 1526) schema 1,002
Time:   Sep 22, 2014 1:34:43 PM

This happens if my webscript is in "Data Dictionary/Web Scripts" and in "Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions".

How I can solve it?? Where is the secure store??

thanks in advance