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Link Liferay and Alfresco with sso (OpenAM) authenticated user

Question asked by jcloutier on Sep 24, 2014

We need to show document from alfresco in Liferay portlets. We would use the CMIS connector provided in Liferay. But we are required that the users be authenticated with OpenAM (a sso).

All the research I've done seam to indicate that ootb it doesn't work. But I can't find anyone that made it works.

So is it possible to use the alfresco CMIS connector with an SSO authenticated user?

If yes, what step should we do, or is there some doc already available? If the one provided from Liferay isn't able respect our requirement we can develop our own or adapt the Liferay one.

If no, Is there any work around or other solution to connect liferay (or any other application) with alfresco with an SSO authenticated user in the external application?

Thanks for any help.