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Hardware Setup

Question asked by michaelangelo on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by michaelangelo

Just want to ask what is your hardware setup for your alfresco server?
1. Server Specification
2. Are you using a Storage like DAS or SAS? if so what is the brand and how did you implement it? What is the size of your storage?
3. What is your Base Operating System (Linux, Windows Etc)?

We are trying to decide on how or what will be the best hardware implementation for our alfresco server. We would probably need at least 50TB of space since we have a lot of data that will go into it (Considering the scalability of the storage as well). Plus we are projecting around 200 users that will access the system (not concurrent). I was looking for any project cases that could probably point me to what I am trying to achieve but i'm having a hard time finding one.

Any help is highly appreciated.