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4.2.f with Greek document preview problem

Question asked by kladogen2 on Sep 25, 2014
I have installed Alfresco Community Edition on Windows 7 using the installer of the 4.2.f version. In addition I have added the greek localisation files from crowdin ( alfresco-el.jar, share-el.jar). Then I restarted Alfresco and Greek appeared in Alfresco.
However I have some problems :
1. The group functionality does not exist in the translated version
2. The document preview does not work. Although I can upload documents correctly, set their properties and use them in other parts of the system I cant preview them when I login using the Greek language. If I login using English the preview works correctly.

The first problem is not so bad because I can login in English and create groups but the second problem makes criples the system for Greek only users.

Is there a way to fix the document preview problem in Greek?

Thanks in advance

Antonis Kladogenis