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Alfresco 3.4b login problems

Question asked by Simon Yecme on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by Simon Yecme
Dear people @Alfresco community,
my name is Davide, I'm from Italy and this is my very first post here on the community. Hope my question won't be that ridiculous as these are my very first trials on Alfresco platform…

Anyway, straight to the point…

I've been recently contacted by a small company that uses Alfresco community edition v3.4b, to store old brochures. Their sites have been heavily customized so they won't plan a migration and their sites (as their products don't change often) are rarely accessed.

Well, from a week on, they have logging problems: while trying to access via https the authentication routine fails… While loading the very same page via http allows authentication and the user can logging in regularly.

I suppose(!) it might be a certificate problem… Not sure about it but if i remember well Alfresco uses certificates for many pourposes (indexing, logging, etc…). I don't have the chance to remotely login in their VPN at the moment so i'm wondering if my guess might be the case…

I'm kindly asking You all what you think about and, in case the problem might be led to old certificates, what is the right procedure to renew. The machine is a linux one (don't know what distro).

Again, thank You all so very much in advance for Your kind replies.

Best regards,