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Full screen view of attachment opened with Alfresco

Question asked by pcuif on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by gavinc
Good evening,

I'm facing an issue when using the Alfresco (2.0.1 (390)) app on iPad (iOS 7.1.2 or 8) to view documents.
This issue can be reproduced everytime, no matter the size or the type of the file I want to view (PDF, PPTX, XLSX or whatever).

Let's imagine I receive a file as an attachment to a mail (for example), keep my finger on the attachment and select "Open in Alfresco". The file can be saved either on a server or in the "local files". I choose "Local files". The file is saved and I can see the preview. When I press the preview to switch to full screen, all I get is a blank page with the drawing indicating Alfresco is trying to "read" the file. I'm stucked with it and have only one option : kill the Alfresco app by double pressing the home button and removing it from the multi-task.

To be sure this problem is not due to some garbage in my document, I did the following test :

From an Alfresco server, I choose a document and open it full screen :  OK
I download the same document into my local files, disconnect from Alfresco server, switch my VPN off, restart Alfresco client on iPad, display the document in full screen mode : OK
I connect to Alfresco and email me the same document as an attachment. I also delete the document from the local files, quit and kill Alfresco app.
I then start Mail on the iPad, collect my own mail, press on the attachment, open it with Alfresco, save in Local files and ask for a fullscreen view : it hangs.

Any idea ?

Kind regards,