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5.0.a - customizing themes, etc.

Question asked by ttownsend on Sep 25, 2014
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Hi again all,

I've just setup up a vanilla 5.0.a CE using the installer, and am trying to customize the login page, but things appear to changed between versions.
I have found many previous configuration threads for customizing themes, but many/most refer to elements that simply don't appear to be present in 5.0.a

For example, on the login page, the image file for the login page background is and is located in the Light theme/images folder, but there is no image used on the page (view source of page).

Does anyone know how to:
- place a full-page background image behind the credentials box on the login page?
(EDIT:  Solved. Edited the presentation.css file in the relevant theme folder and set body.alfresco-guest from background: none; to background: transparent url(images/alfresco-logo-bg.jpg) no-repeat;)
- place a mandatory checkbox for accepting terms of use (posted separately in this forum)?
- change the favicon?
- change the page title?

Many thanks in advance!