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Tinymce advanced table

Question asked by tbertrand on Oct 3, 2014

I just did a new installation of Alfresco community 5.0.0 and some things about tinymce are missing.
In particular, the table plugin doesn't show the advanced tab so I'm not allowed to edit the table background color.

I succed displaying this tab by dowloading the latest tinymce version (4.1.5) from its website, replacing the folder tomcat/webapps/share/modules/editors/tinymce/ by the downloaded one and then renamed every *.min.js by *.js. So if I do an upgrade or anything, I'll have to do this process again.

So my question is, am I missing something ? Is their a way to enable advanced settings in tinymce without replacing the whole plugin ?

(attached file: the result I want, the advanced tab)