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AD Authentication

Question asked by spencerjack on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by spencerjack
Hello - Thanks before hand!

I have CentOS running 5.0a on a clean vanilla build.  I am trying to understand how to authenticate against AD and have failed to understand how to do this. Reading the forums I've been told to look at the ldap-ad folder, but it doesn't exist.  Another answered topic said that this the ldap-ad shouldn't be edited and that all of the configurations should be in the SHARE  Which is correct? 

In summary I have a clean install of 5.0a on Centos.  I appear to be missing many of the sub-folders under AUTHENTICATE which include the ldap-ad folder.  Do i not need the ldap-ad folder and simple put my AD configurations in the file?  If so, does anyone have a example of these configurations?

Many Thanks!