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Using link to categories in content rules

Question asked by jynnyd on Oct 8, 2014

We are using Link to categories in rules on Alfresco sites and then also on folders inside the sites.

Problem is, if I add a different category in the folder rule, they just add up in the file metadata.


Category in the site rule:   english, american english.
Category in the folder rule:   american english.
Metadata on the file under the folder:   English, american english.

We would like the category in the folder rule to override the category in the site rule.

If category on site rule is "english", and there is a rule on the folder that specifies "american english", then the metadata on the files should be "american english" only.   "american english" should replace "english".

Is it possible to do this?  If so, how should we do it? 

Thanks you for any help that you can provide!