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Run Workflow 'Review' using java web app

Question asked by jonny8516 on Oct 10, 2014
Hi, my name is John and I'm a developer.
I just started to use alfresco and unfortunately I am having a number of difficulties during the development phase. I seriously need help because I have to close one task in a short time. I try to explain my problem.I have implemented a java spring web application. In this application I need to start a workflow already integrated in alfresco (Review) for each uploaded document.For safety reasons, I have no way to use the JavaWebScript API… how can I proceed? you could send me a working example of a Java web application that start a workflow?Note: Documents are uploaded to alfresco via the web application using the standard CMIS API.Note 2: I have consulted all of your post and tutorial I have found on the web but I could not solve my problem.I look forward to your kind reply,
Best redgars and forgive my English.