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Alfresco Community Edition for Engineering Drawing Database

Question asked by micku on Oct 16, 2014
Hello Everyone,

I want to implement Alfresco Community Edition as a database for engineering drawings.
A generic workflow would be that the Engineer sends the drafting team a task to create/update drawings upon some mark-ups. The drafting team would then make the changes, upload the new version and send a notification to the engineering team.
My problem starts with the version numbering as Alfresco uses 1.0; 1.1; 2.0 and so on but drawings can range from revision A; 1A; 1B; 2 etc. Although I was able to send a task to the drafter for one or more drawings I could not attach the mark-ups to that task. The drafter in turn could open the task but was unable to download all drawings from that task onto his computer.
Another problem is that drawings often come in different formats like CAD files, pdf etc. So the drawing database should contain several formats for one drawings under one drawing number.

Is there a way to setup Alfresco Community Edition in the above described way?