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Files are locked after modifications through WebDAV and using SSL for WebDAV

Question asked by marinemonk on Oct 16, 2014
I hope this is the right place for this question.

Using Alfresco Community Edition 5.0 which is installed on a Windows 7 Professional x64 machine.

I have successfully mapped my Alfresco server to a drive on a Win7 Home Premium x64 laptop using by following the instructions at However, when I add a file to any space/modify an existing file from the mapped drive, it shows as 'This file is locked by XXXX' when I access that space from Alfresco explorer. I tried to look for an answer to this on the community but cannot find a definitive answer to whether there is a way around this.

Also, I would like to use SSL (https://) to map the Alfresco space instead of the non-SSL mapping done at the moment. On my router I have directed port 8443 to the machine running Alfresco. From my browser, I am able to use https://webaddress:8443/alfresco/share as well as http://webaddress:8080/alfresco/share to access Alfresco explorer and access the directory listing through both https://webaddress:8443/alfresco/webdav and http://webaddress:8080/alfresco/webdav but cannot get mapping to work using https. When I try to map Alfresco using https://webaddress:8443/alfresco/webdav or https://webaddress/alfresco/webdav I am asked for a username and password but the input is not accepted. After three attempts at inputting the username and password, I get a message saying "The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred: An unexpected network error occurred."

Any help will be highly appreciated.