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Repository Searching - Folder Depth Limits?

Question asked by suitepee on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by mrogers
Hello, I have a folder structure similar to the following:

–Folder 1
—Folder 2
—-Folder 3
—–Folder 4
——Folder 5
——-Document F5
—Document F1

If both documents F1 and F5 have the cm:title of "Test", and I do a search for "Test" or "cm:title:Test" (or advanced search), the Document F1 will appear, but the search does not penetrate the full folder structure to return Document F5.

Is there a way to allow a deeper folder search, or does the repository only limit searches to certain folder depths

Edit: Disregard, if I host the folders under documentLibrary, the entire folder structure is considered in searches, but not if I just create regular folders off the root node.