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AAAR Extract Script Problem

Question asked by dcambier on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by dcambier
i just install AAAR today but doesn't work :

david@david-ThinkPad-X230-Tablet:/opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/script$ ./

A.A.A.R. - Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting
Import procedure version 2.0.
Author: Francesco Corti (all rights reserved)
Date: 01 January, 2014

We can't be responsible for any damage done to your system,
which hopefully will not happen.

Want to reduce the time of execution?
Edit this script and change 'JOB_NAME' and 'GET_PARENTS' variables.
If you don't know how, look at the FAQ at

You are going to execute this command:
./ /rep:"AAAR_Kettle" /job:"Get all" /dir:/Alfresco /user:admin /pass:admin /param:get_parents=false /log="/opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/script/../logs/AAAR.log" /level:Basic

Press <enter> to start import.

2014/10/18 20:01:35 - Kitchen - Niveau de trace : Niveau de base
2014/10/18 20:01:35 - Kitchen - Démarrage.
ERREUR: Impossible de charger la tâche car aucun référentiel n'a été renseigné.
ERREUR: Impossible de poursuivre l'opération car la tâche ne peut être chargée.

Extraction complete!

Log file has been generated in the file below:

Check for ERRORS in the log.
If you can't find them, everything has gone alright.
Please, remember to schedule the command periodically or to execute it manually.

You can schedule this command using the silent execution with the command below:
/opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/script/./ silent

Want to save the reports in pdf format directly in Alfresco?
It's time to execute the 'AAAR_Publish' script.

Enjoy A.A.A.R.!

I try to resolve it but can't find a solution : I launch spoon, add repository/database, verify repositories.xml and now i have got this message : Unable to find Get all job

david@david-ThinkPad-X230-Tablet:/opt/pentaho/data-integration$ ./ /rep:"AAAR_Kettle" /job:"Get all" /dir:/Alfresco /user:admin /pass:admin /param:get_parents=true /level:Basic
2014/10/18 22:22:00 - Kitchen - Niveau de trace : Niveau de base
2014/10/18 22:22:00 - Kitchen - Démarrage.
2014/10/18 22:22:00 - RepositoriesMeta - Lecture du fichier XML : /home/david/.kettle/repositories.xml
Le traitement a été arrêté suite à une erreur :
PDI a rencontré une erreur durant la lecture de la tâche [Get all] depuis le référentiel

Impossible de trouver la tâche : Get all

Alfresco enterprise 4.2.0
Ubuntu 14.04