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Alfresco Support and Software engineers at Costa Rica

Question asked by jonvargas on Oct 19, 2014
Hi there.

Looking for Alfresco professional services to compliment or build a new Alfresco solution? Our team can provide:


* Webscript Development
* Custom Types and Aspects
* Custom Rules and Actions
* Alfresco Share UI Customization
* Custom Forms and Pages
* Custom Business Workflows
* Integration with 3rd party apps
* Business apps on top of Alfresco
* Content Processing & Transformation
* Java, Spring, iText, PHP, Javascript
* Digital Signature solutions


* Alfresco Solution analysis & sizing
* High availability and Load Balancing
* System Maintenance and Problem solving
* Service Level Agreements
* UTC-6 Timezone and 9/5 availability
* English and Spanish language
* Linux, PostgreSQL and Tomcat experts
* Amazon AWS and OpenStack clouds

<strong>Why Us?</strong>

Alkaid is a Gold Partner of Alfresco  Software based on Costa Rica that provides custom development solutions and enterprise level support.

Our country, Costa Rica "Green and Smart", has high levels of IT professionals, no army and peaceful people, politically stable and a growing IT outsourcing model.

We are trusted by the largest companies in the country and several foreign enterprises.

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