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Create custom metadata Tags for documents to be uploaded i

Question asked by ryan007 on Oct 20, 2014
Hi ,
I am exploring Alfresco for the first time.

As we know our normal documents have metadata properties like Author,Title,Subject,Category…. & so on.

So if it has some values, alfresco retrieves data values from these & displays in that <b>file properties section</b> like :Name,Title,Author,size,creator……and many more.

So Suppose If I have a some more form fields in my document (like firstName,Tenant,isAuthrorized), then what are the all steps that I need to follow in alfresco so that whenever user will upload any document , under that file properties section, all the properties will get displayed and also If I will select edit properties option, I should be able to edit them.

I have followed this pdf :

By using which I am able to see new drop-down values under create rule section.

Similar way I want to do it document properties section, so that similar to existing properties like Name, Title,Description,MimeType,Tags… etc , I can also see my new properties like firstName,Tenant - all are text fields.

Please show me the way to achieve these things for Alfresco 5.0 a community . To achieve this do I need to import Alfresco sdk, or can I directly changes in tomcat?

Also one more question, I want to create a custom metadata in alfresco , so that if excel sheet(column)have values ,then all such properties with their values should be displayed under properties section of that file.

Is it possible in alfresco?

If yes can you provide me some way to do it.