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cm:thumbnail Children deleted after content update

Question asked by lutz.horn on Oct 23, 2014
Consider the following scenario.

1. An onUpdateProperties policy triggers changing the content of a node.
2. The thumbnails based on the old content are invalid and will be regenerated based on the changed content. I force this by an onContentUpdate policy that is triggered by the changed node content.
3. The onContentUpdatePolicay also manipulates the newly generated thumbnails.

The problem is, that the new thumbnails created in step 2 and manipulated in step 3 are gone at the end of the whole sequence. I can verify that all single steps work correclty, use the correct content and produce the correct output. But at the end, the thumbnails are gone and the normal mechanism to regenerated them when viewed in Share takes over.

How can I prevent the deletion of the regenerated and manipulated thumbnails? I want to be in control over the whole process.