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A couple of odd behavior's with AAAR and Pentaho

Question asked by eswbitto on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by fcorti
Hey fcorti,

I have a couple of issues that are coming up that I don't know if you have had experience in dealing with.

Issue 1:

Initially when I installed pentaho/AAAR I went to the marketplace to install the other requirements. One of those being the Community Dashboard framework. I think this one is causing my issue, but when I go to configure the AAAR setting and save/load them "before" clicking on install. The expected behavior is to get the little gif file that shows while it it loading and then the little white box pops up to let you know it was loaded.

Well it does this, but the white box shows up almost greyed out. Meaning you can't click on it. I actually have to refresh the page in order for it to go away. The same thing happens when 'installing' before you export and analyze. Its some what of a pain, but workable. I don't think its the expected behavior though.

Issue 2:

When creating or modifying a report I can add the files through the file upload from the pentaho gui. In order for my report to show up in the aaar main dashboard I have to completely reinstall aaar again. I guess you could say that it really isn't an issue more of a question really. Does pentaho maybe in the future be able to streamline reports that are added or modified more effectively?

Also I think I have my report completed from another post that you helped with. I think the main thing is just the sql query that would be the important part. It isn't fancy or professional looking, but its yours if you want to include it in a future updated release of aaar.