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Full reindex - no more FullText

Question asked by slibert on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by mitpatoliya
Hello all,

I recently made a full lucene reindex on an Alfresco Repository (Community 4.2f). Running fine : no error in logs, no troubles using alfresco, but full-text content is not indexed. I waited a few day (knowing that ft is asynchronous), but with no more luck.
Indeed : before reindex lucene folder was 2 Go, now it's 150 Mo and not growing.

New added content gets indexed, included full-text. So I can now only search on newer content.

This repository is multi-tenant, but not sure it's relevant : neither tenant has full-text, nor base repository.

…Any idea or lead would be welcome ;-)