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CARA for Alfresco Webinar

Question asked by max.kelleher on Oct 27, 2014
There will be a live demo of CARA for Alfresco this Wednesday and Thursday (Oct 29th & 30th) - CARA is the fastest, most feature-rich, scaleable & configurable UI and business rules engine for Alfresco. In 2014 CARA was voted Compliance Product of the Year in the Document Manager Awards, and nominated for 6 other awards.

CARA is incredibly versatile, and is currently in enterprise use across 7 different major industries. Some of our largest customers include Pfizer, Bayer, Walt Disney, Pratt & Whitney, Gen Re, and the Department of Homeland Security.

If you're interested in finding out how CARA can revolutionize your document management system, you can:

- Learn more about CARA from our website:

- Sign up for the webinars this week:,webinars.html