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Alfresco for Salesforce Questions

Question asked by omat on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by jottley
Hello! The documentation on this is not entirely in agreement and I'm looking for some clarity on this topic before we install the addition to Salesforce. The primary Alfresco page ( indicates one can use "Alfresco One to synchronize your Salesforce content with your on-premise document repository" which is exactly what we're looking to do. So, based on what I've read, here are my questions:

1. It appears the integration sends the content items to an Alfresco in the Cloud (AitC) site that is chosen in the configuration step within SF. Is this true?

2. If so, we would need to establish synchronization between that AitC site and the duplicate site in on-premise Alfresco One (AO). Is this true?

3. This means all SF content lives in a single bucket/site within AO?

4. If we don't want Marketing folks to see Legal's contracts,  we'd need to establish specific groups of access within that one site, yes? What if both marketing and legal have contracts being synched from SF? Do they all get 'dumped' into the same Contracts folder in AO?

5. What happens when a piece of content is declared a record? Can it still be accessed from SF?

6. The setup video for configuring Alfresco For Salesforce shows a single user logging into an AitC account - is all content checked in as them or are they just the authorizing entity for Alf/SF to access the API?

7. Do we have to configure all the custom metadata coming from SF into our AO site?

I know this is a big ask of time for someone here to answer all these but I can't seem to find answers to these questions anywhere. It'd be a huge help and greatly appreciated.

Thank you.