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RM 2.3a Audit

Question asked by grob on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by streetturtle
Hi! I recently read the documentation about the Audit found here:

I was very pleased when I read that the actions recorded are among others:
<li>Any access to any record or aggregation should be logged, if the access is for viewing, printing or otherwise presenting it, then the access should be marked as retrieval</li>
<li>Changes to the auditing levels and settings</li>
<li>Changes made to supplemental markings</li>

The problem is, that i cannot find any entries in the Audit log marked as retrieval, do I have to turn something on in the configuration? The same goes for the changes made to supplemental markings.

About the "Changes to the auditing levels and settings". Does this mean, that it is possible to make changes in the auditing level in the Records Management Console?
I can only turn on/off the audit, what does this mean exactly?

Thanks for help!