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Ephesoft CMIS export configurations

Question asked by sandorv on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by sreid
Hey guys,

The connection between Ephesoft and Alfresco is establised, my files are placed in the proper repository.

Now I want to export also the metadata to Alfresco but this is where i'm stuck.

The alfresco repository has been set up by external client, main category is Invoicing and contains Invoice, Delivery Note and Divers.

First file is —DLF Atrribute—:

The first line looks like this "Application-Checklist=D:ephesoft:ephesoft", in my case Application-checklist would change to E-FFF,
but what values should ephesoft:ephesoft be? Remember there is already documenttype in Alfresco, named invoice where i want to have my files.

and then you have 3 files that should be placed into the Alfresco Repository;

IF you already have a repository is this still necessary? IF so:


type name="ephesoft:ephesoft" what values should go here, first line of the file?

property name="ephesoft:invoiceDate" same here, what does ephesoft point to?


I assume you copy the same attributes from above into this file?

I have read the wikipage from Ephesoft, but it's missing to much information imo since i'm not at all an Alfresco pro…

Thanks in advance!!!