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Question asked by dbiggins on Oct 31, 2014
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Good Morning!
I am trying to determine what SSO with IMAP looks like.

We have a 4.2f CE environment in which SSO with kerberos against AD appears to be working well.  We can have we browsers go to and and they will be logged in correctly without being prompted for their credentials.  For webdav, we can have someone point their browser to, and they don't get prompted for their credentials.

When I am setting up an imap connection in my outlook client, I specify the Incoming mail server as the alfresco server, and the account type as IMAP.  I get prompted for credentials, and when I enter them, I am able to connect to my mount points as expected, but should I have to provide the credentials?  Does IMAP via outlook support SSO?

Thanks for the brain share!