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Replication content and mysql replication

Question asked by csyeow on Nov 3, 2014
hi ..
need some information about content replication and mysql replication

os: centos 6.5 64bit
alfresco version: 5.0.a
database: mysql 5.5

replicated folder : user homes, share , site
alfresco server : node1 and node2

new to alfresco, i try to setup content replication and i success to replicate folder from node1 to node2.

i have a question ,

1. do i still need configure mysql replication , in order node1 and node2 to sync on mysql database.
2. what does content replication do ? do include mysql replication , folder permission.
3. i google find out a lot alfresco cluster setup based on version 3 and 4, some article mention that cluster feature only available on alfresco enterprise for version 5, is that true ?

tq .