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Files in tomcat/temp not being deleted

Question asked by sreid on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by sreid
We have a situation where files occasionally aren't being deleted from the tomcat/temp folder on our Linux server.  These files all have the word "upload" in the name (for example, upload_844ef312_0c3a_433f_90d1_d9592f01909a_00000134.tmp), and they date from last week to several months ago when this system was upgraded to 4.2.1.  I've found postings online for how to change the location of the tomcat temp folder, but nothing about how to ensure that the folder gets cleaned out.  These files are large enough to periodically cause disk space issues on this server (file sizes range from 50 KB up to almost 400 MB).  The partition on this server is definitely undersized, but I'm working on that issue separately.

I would've expected that the system would clean out temp files when the system restarts, but that doesn't appear to be happening.  Is there a setting somewhere that will force these temp files to be removed on a restart?