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Specify a default value in create-content form

Question asked by larsg. on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by larsg.

is there any possibility (by configuration or something else) to fill a field of a create-content form with a default value?

What I already got:
<li>The content model defines a specialisation of cm:folder (lets say new:folder). It adds two new integer properties (new:property1 and new:property2).
<li>The create-content menu contains a new item for creating a new:folder. When clicking on it a popup for gathering the object data is displayed; esp. a field for new:property1 and new:property2. When confirming a new:folder object is created and stored.

What I like to archive:
<li>Define a CONSTANT default value for the field for new:property1. The content model defines a list-of-values constraint for that property. I like to define the second value a default.
<li>Define a default value which is DYNAMICALLY. In my case the parent of the created new:folder object is a new:folder object itself; the default value shall be the incremented value of new:property2 of the parent.

Greeting a lot of thanks in advance!