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Alfresco 5.0 Integration through SOAP protocol removed? Alternatives?

Question asked by a.palm on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by a.palm

I have this application and I am trying to communicate with Alfresco through SOAP. At the link below, I noticed this message: <strong>Please note that this API has been superceded by CMIS (specifically, the CMIS SOAP binding). It's use is no longer recommended. This functionality was removed from Alfresco in 5.0.b…..This API was removed in Alfresco 5.0 and is no longer available. Use the CMIS web services bindings instead. </strong>

Does this mean that in Alfresco 5.0, I can no longer use SOAP to communicate with Alfresco? What are the other options to communicate through Alfresco and manage your content? I already tried the Java API client CMIS workbench and the other APIs on the site, Shareprotocol, WebdAV, google docs… Are those the alternative to using SOAP or are their other ways to communicate with Alfresco?

Thanks in Advance.