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Looking for suitable way to customize Alfresco share

Question asked by juilee on Nov 11, 2014
Hi all, I have a unique requirement by my company to have a page for each sub-folder in a particular folder of alfresco share. So basically there would be hundreds of sub-folders and corresponding hundreds of pages representing it. The page for that folder should have links to its sub-folders and maybe even documents within it in the form of a collapsible list as shown:

Folder 1
Category 1
  Doc 1
  Doc 2
Category 2
  Sub-category 1
   doc 3

I want to have something like shown above on one side of the page and the other side should have all the recent activities related to the folder, like who added a doc, what edits were made, were there any comments, etc. I searched a lot related to this but I am not sure if alfresco supports this kind of customization. I found some really good tutorials on creating custom pages in share using JSON widgets but don't think it would help in this case. Other option would be generate an html page for every new folder created and populate it using javascript. But this method won't have much flexibility in terms of designing the page. Does anyone know of a better approach or idea for this requirement ? I would really appreciate any thoughts on this.