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How to Integrate DocuSign with Alfresco 5.0.b

Question asked by anmolp on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by abarisone
   I tried Integrating Docusign rest API with Alfresco 5.0.b. For that I downloaded the amp files of DocuSign
(docusign-for-alfresco-core.amp and docusign-share-msss-action.amp).Then I stopped the tomcat server and copied these files in amps and amps_share folder inside the tomcat folder. Then under the bin directory I ran the the apply_amp.bat file. But it failed to apply the those amp files. The Error was about the incompatibility of amp files with 5.0 version. These amp files are compatible only till the alfresco verion 3.9.9. I checked the community File list of Alfresco 5.0.b. DocuSign is not listed in there. Can Somebody help me on How can I Integrate Docusign with the latest version of Alfresco . Is it something to do from DocuSign Side or Alfresco Side.

Anmol Prakash