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Auditing when anonymous user opens link shared by Alfresco user

Question asked by ssaric on Nov 12, 2014

I'm using Alfresco Community 4.2.x and and have one question regarding auditing.
When auditing is enabled in administrator can see different actions in audit log (for example, using Audit Dashlet).
Among other things, audit log also contains info when some Alfresco user uses quick share functionality (either share or unshare link).

Here the example of audit lof for share link action:
[add:{{}sharedId=3YU1J5riSRWy5mWGSD-e3Q, {}sharedBy=admin}]
[to:{{}modified=Wed Nov 12 13:50:58 CET 2014}]
[from:{{}modified=Wed Nov 12 13:47:50 CET 2014}]
[sub-actions:updateNodeProperties addNodeAspect]

Alfresco user can use share functionality to share a document and send a link to some person that is not Alfresco user. When this anonymous user opens the link, he can see (and download the document).

How can this action (of previewing or downloading shared document by anonymous user) be written in auditing log?
Since anonymous user can access shared document, IP address can be stored instead of Alfresco username.