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Site to Site document workflow permissions

Question asked by edward.bishop on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by edward.bishop

I have a requirement to implement a workflow whereby upon the submission of a document to a certain folder, lets call it Bounce, it is immediately moved to a folder in a different site that the creator of the content does not have permissions to.  The use-case of this is to have multiple users submit a pdf form from a template that their manager will have access to but where none of the standard users can see it. 

As is apparent, Alfresco won't let the user write to the Bounce folder unless they have permissions on the folder in the admin site, which is not acceptable for our requirements.  I'm looking for some way of the Admin 'going and grabbing' the document automatically or to bypass the permissions altogether in some way.  Unfortunately I've not managed to succeed yet.

The limitations we face are:
1. The user will not be accessing the Share interface, all content is served to a mobile device that is hard-coded to return completed forms to the Bounce folder that is present in the root of every site.
2. The user is not to have permissions to read any content that another user has submitted, this prevents us from simply giving Contributer permissions to the folder in the admin site. 

If anyone has implemented something similar or has any ideas it would be very much appreciated.  I have almost no experience with implementing custom workflows.  I can add to my custom content model if that would be required. 

Any ideas would be great.

Many thanks,