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Building a control/picker with access to the repository

Question asked by abruzzi on Nov 14, 2014
I need to build a custom form control/picker for the share edit properties page, but the picker needs to have access to the repository data.  Googling around I found the following presentation and related code:

Reading that, it seems the best way to implement this is a form control with javascript that queries a webscript that provides back the data I want.  So I have a couple of questions regarding this:

1. To access the repo, does the webscript have to be running on the 'alfresco' instance, or can it run on the 'share' instance?

2. Among other things the webscript will need the noderef of the document it is editing, so I need to find a way to pass the noderef as a control-param.  Looking through the forms wiki page ( ) in the section discussing the 'association.ftl' startLocation parameter, it mentions using {self}.  This may be what I want, but I'm not sure what {self} is.  Is it a string in the format of "workspace://SpacesStore/bb372250-7f8a-40f1-9705-fde8dc5902fb" or is it an object passed into the FTL that I have to do something to to get the noderef string out of?  Or is there an easier way I'm not seeing?