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Question asked by colinmcm on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by eswbitto
Community 5.0.b

I am trying to allow a user (Paul) to access a folder so he can upload files. The folder (Upload-Paul) is a sub-folder in the site SomeCo. I have set access permissions (including Consumer access to the parent folder). He has no access to the rest of the site. However, Paul is unable to access the folder directly. If he searches for it he gets a result but when clicked, the search result takes him to an empty space with the path as below:

Documents> SomeCo-Survey> Upload-Paul

If I go through the repository (as admin) and copy the share link and then paste it in for the user Paul, then he can access the folder, and create and upload files as expected. The folder then has the path as below:

Repository> Sites> SomeCo> documentLibrary> SomeCo-Survey> Upload-Paul

I have tried to change share-config-custom.xml and share-config.xml to make the repository link available - no success, as well as various other fixes from the forums.

(btw - I have disabled share-config-custom.xml and this seems to have no effect on anything! However, changes to share-config.xml are enacted. Is the custom file necessary?)

How can I allow access to this folder through the repository? Do I need to allow repository access or should I be doing something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated.