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Inserting metadata on personal records

Question asked by fernandocabral on Nov 23, 2014
I have not found out how to create custom metadata using Alfresco. Let me express this in a example so perhaps someone can help me. I have to file about 3.000 records. For the time being, each one is a folder that contains a single PDF file. The folders and files live in a disk. Folder and file names are the same. Like:

John Doe/John Doe.pdf
Mary Ann/Mary Ann.pdf

My mission is to bulk import those folder/files pairs into RM. Since I have asked how to do this bulk import in another thread, I will not pursue it here now (yes, I am ware of a utility that is supposed to do this, but I have not been able to make it work as yet.)

Now, back to the metadata issue. I need that each of those folders have some metadata related to each employee, such as birth date, address, mother's and father's, social secutiry number, graduation date, etc.
Since those metada are not available now, they will have to be manually inserted later. So, for now, I need only that those folders, when created inside RM, will have those fields available, so we can later fill them out editing the metadata of each folder (or perhaps, importing from a spreadsheet :-)

What do I have to do to create that folder with those metadata field (and also make sure they are searchable.)