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onReady function is not fired from the client header- min script on Alfresco 4.2 upgraded stack from 3.4.10

Question asked by paiyyavj13 on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by afaust

We have recently upgraded our dev stack from 3.4.10 to 4.2.3.

The header-min.js is included in the header.get.html.ftl
    <@script src="${url.context}/res/components/header/header.js" group="header"/>

This file is called on the site dashboard but fails to fire the onReady function.

I have attached all the header webscript files.

Note: custom code is included in these files. This webscript works fine on the 3.4.10 stack but doesnot on the upgraded 4.2.3. The upgrade has been done considering the new webscript framework.

Please provide your inputs and let me know incase I am missing any step.

Appreciate your help.