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Looking for advice - Structuring Alfresco

Question asked by stefanwe on Nov 25, 2014
Hi all,

iam currently evaluating Alfresco as a possible DMS for us. Iam looking for a general advise (or best practise) on my thoughts how to structure our sites and folders.

For now we want to organize our project documents. Projects are created in a separate database application, describing the projects metadata (like project number, description and others). Also a default folder structure is defined in the application.

Projects (and its documents) can either be public (meaning that every user can view and edit its files) or private (only specified users can view and change)

Currently we have about 3000 active projects. document counts range from 10 to a few thousand per project.

My current thoughts

- Create a new Aspect "Project related" with all properties from the PM application (still couldnt figure out when to use custom types and when to use aspects)
- Create a site for every project with a documentLibrary (currently only documents are relevant, but i think to extend the project space with additional dashlets)

The site should be created by script (including the folder structure and security), assigning the aspect to the site folder and settings the metadata values to the values from the PM application.

- Whenever a document is saved to one of folders in the document library it should get the aspect assigned and it should copy the metadata values from the parent site folder.

Is this a good approach ? Any recommendations how to structure so many folders and files in alfresco ?

Thank you in advance,