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RM: this must be a bug

Question asked by fernandocabral on Nov 26, 2014
I have repeated installing RM so many times, and it has failed me as many times, that now I think it is not my fault, but a bug. Or several bugs. Starting from the scratch, I created RH category under File Plan. Then I created EMPLOYEE and RETIREDEMPLOYEE as a categories under RH. After that, I created the folders John and Mary under each of the categories. So, it looked as:


Now, if I click on John, it opens up the file loading Flash (I guess) screen and I can load a file (or as many as I want, one after the other). On the other hand, if I click on Mary, it opens up he file loading Flash, but nothing happens and I am sent back to the previous screen (that is, before I had clicked on Mary).

So,I when I click on John, it works as expected, but when I click on Mary it does work at all.
If I move back and forth between John and Mary, or repeat one or the other, I'll always get the same

Isn't this a bug?