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replicate to non-networked computer

Question asked by jimn on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by mrogers

Does Alfresco have a feature where a source system on one computer can be replicated to a target system on a different computer where there is no network connection between the two computers? In other words the transfer of data has to be done via "sneaker-net" using for example DVDs and this would be done on the order of once a day to once a week. I see one way to do this which is to back up the source system and then restore what was backed up on the target system but if there's a lot of data the backup could be large, so some way of transferring just the incremental changes would be desirable. From what I've read about replication services, they seem to be oriented towards systems that are networked together but perhaps there is something I missed. We currently have Community 4 but we're considering upgrading to Community 5 if it matters for the purpose of this question. If anyone has run into this use case and has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.