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set default mimetype at custom content type

Question asked by michaelp on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by afaust
Hi there,

For our custom document type (lets say
we want to set a custom mimetype as default mimetype (lets say
if a document is created as
. For this I tried to override the parent type's property
mimetype for both
(in case our parent type is
) and
(in case our parent type is

For example:

      <!– Import Alfresco Dictionary Model Definition –>
      <import uri="" prefix="d" />
      <!– Import Alfresco Content Domain Model Definition –>
      <import uri="" prefix="cm" />
      <!– Import Alfresco Repository System Model Definition –>
      <import uri="" prefix="sys" />
      <!– Import Alfresco Share Data List Model Definition –>
      <import uri="" prefix="dl" />
      <!– Import Alfresco CMIS Model Definition –>
      <import uri="" prefix="cmis" />

      <type name="custom:type">
         <title>Custom Type</title>
         <parent>cm:content</parent> //or <parent>cmis:document</parent>
            <property name="custom:property">
               <title>Custom Property</title>
            <property name="cm:content.mimetype"> //or <property name="cmis:contentStreamMimeType">

The errors are always something like "…mimtype… unknown!" "…cmis… unknown!" or "…cmis:… does not exist!" or "…mimetype… of cmis does not exist!" (no imports are missing)

I also tried to use the type mapping descriped here:

Without any success on many attemps I have to ask now you specialists: is this even possible?

We want this so Workdesk later can handle documents of this custom mimetype in a special way.

Thanky you for all your answers!
Best regards,