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Problem : 'View in browser' action on search result show 2 preview pages, Please help.

Question asked by mukata69 on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2014 by mukata69
Hello everyone

   I have a problem about alfresco 5.0.b community when i click "view in browser" action on search results page, alfresco show 2 preview pages at a time (see attach picture). This 2 preview tabs contains same URL and contents. This problem affected with ".pdf" file.

** Steps to reproduce this problem.

1.Create some site.
2.Access to site's Document Library and upload PDF file.
3.Type uploaded file name in simple search box and hit Enter key.
4.On search results page hover document click Action And then click "View in browser" then alfresco show 2 preview tabs.In some browser like Google Chrome might show "Pop-ups were blocks on this page" error.

Alfresco stdout & stderr does not show any error.
Anyone got the solution to solve this problem please help.

System Info : Alfresco 5.0.b On Windows Server 2008 R2