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Custom page with just share navigation bar and footer

Question asked by hagak on Dec 3, 2014
So I have made a custom share page using webscripts as shown in this example

This is a more direct link to the part I used as reference:

Note if you hit the example page with:

You get just the content in the webscript

If you hit it with

You get the share-header and footer.  Problem I have is I want the share navigation bar but not the logo and page-title.  Since the navigation bar, logo and page-title are all in one region I can not simple override the hybrid-page.get.html.ftl and remove it with <@region scope="global" id="test" target="share-header" action="remove"/> since that also removes the navigation bar.

Any suggestions.  I do not mind adding the nav bar to my webscript either however again it does not appear to be separate from the page-title.