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Display last documents into SharePoint

Question asked by respuga on Dec 4, 2014
Hi all, I'm trying to display last documents uploaded to Alfresco in a SharePoint page. The purpose is to show documents user has access.

I'm trying to call search api with current user credentials, but alfresco is returning me an "401 Unauthorized" response.

I've configured Kerberos in SharePoint and Kerberos authentication in Alfresco, using SSO. If I try to access Alfresco Share in a browser user accesses without authentication prompt, and Alfresco logs inform that there is a Kerberos login. But when I try to call the service I receive an Unauthorized exception.

I'm using an .NET HttpWebRequest object to perform the call, and using CredentialsCache.DefaultCredentials. But When the call is done Alfresco logs seem to change the authentication to NTLM.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards,