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Upload new Version calls onUpdateNode twice with bogus NodeRef

Question asked by technaton on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by technaton
Hello everybody,

I've created a behavior along with a custom aspect that implements the
interface. The behavior itself does nothing spectacular: It creates or updates a PDF using the content transformation service.

Now, when uploading a new version of the document that already has the aspect, the behavior is actually called twice: Once with the original document's NodeRef (that which has the aspect applied), and once with another NodeRef of a document/node that <em>does not exist</em>.

Of course I can easily check whether the file exists, i.e.

<blockcode>if (!fileFolderService.exists(srcNode)) {

… which of course solves the immediate problem, but I'm interested in the Why: Where does this bogus noderef come from?

Thanks alot in advance for any hints1